Paul F. Secord, Carl W. Backman:
Social Psychology (Lehrbuch)
      "The text is organized topically rather than in terms of a single theoretical system. At the same time, each major topic has been organized in terms of what appears to be the most promising theoretical orientation." (Paul F. Secord, Carl W. Backman)  

Paul F. Secord,
Carl W. Backman:
Social Psychology

  The Nature of Social Psychology – Social Factors in Perceptual-Cognitive Processes – Social Influence Processes (Behavioral Change, Attitude Change, Persuasibility and Resistance) – Group Structure and Process (Interpersonal Attraction, Social Power, Status and Communication, Norms and Conformity, Leadership, Productivity and Satisfaction, Intergroup Relations) – The Individual and the Social System (Social Roles, Role Strain) – Socialization (Social Learning, Internalization and the Social Structure, Self and Personality)

McGraw-Hill, New York u. a. 1964
International Student Edition
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